Seoul City Job Cafe’ to Rent Job Consulting and Study Rooms for Free

Located in Jongno, Sinchon, and other places with a high population of youth, ‘Seoul Job Cafe’ is a space for job searchers between the ages of 18 and 39. The cafe provides the latest job information, employment counseling, duty consultation, and other various employment support programs, in addition to study room rentals. All programs and services are free of charge.

Study rooms are considered to be the most important factor for youth preparing for employment, and Seoul City has created job cafes at private facilities, such as study cafes and language institutes, as well as in public facilities. Through the cafe, approximately 60 study rooms that can accommodate between 2-10 persons are provided for free. Hours of use for the study rooms are a maximum of 3 hours per person per day.

Meanwhile, Seoul City is set to expand the number of job cafes to 90 in 2018, from the 78 places currently in operation. Also, it will continue to listen to opinions of the youth in order to expand consumer-oriented programs which will be of practical use to those preparing for employment, and it plans to increase the quality by systematically organizing the programs according to individual levels of preparation.

To participate in the employment support program or to book study rooms at <Seoul City Job Cafe>, you may refer to the Seoul Job Portal ( for confirmation and registration.